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Reasons why West Java is a unique place to visit


Of themany unique provinces in the country is the West Java region.  The area covers about 18 districts and there are 9 cities in it.   This region itself has the  capital of the province, namely Bandung.  Its location near the sea also has a lot of interesting things. You can visit several interesting places in it.


This region also has its own uniqueness , where many people want to live in a settled area or justvisit it. You can enjoy a lot of interesting things in terms of culture, art, tourist attractions, even typical food, there are also many varieties.


There are many interesting things that can be used as reasons why you need to visit one of the provinces on the island of Java. This is due, for example, to the existence of the musical instrument angklung, which has been inscribed as a world cultural heritage. This is not only unique, but also, of course, proud.


In November 2010, Angklung was included in the UNESCO list of musical instruments of cultural heritage,  thanks to which it became more famous and international. This musical instrument is made of bamboo, where the way of playing is shaking. Nevertheless, it is capable of producing a beautiful melodic sound.


A brief overview of the sundanese state area


The province of West Java has a natural state, the geological  area of which  is quite complete.  In the central part of the  region there are a series of mountains along the island of Java from west to east. For the northern part, it enters the lowlands. While the southern part  is a slightly coastal hill.


This area with the city of Bandung has a large area of fertile land. This is because the soil is a deposit of volcanic ash and is fed by many rivers. It is not strange that most of the land is used as agricultural land. The climate itself is the same as in other regions of Indonesia, namely in the tropics.


Some explanations even say that this area of West Java hasthe largest population.   In addition to being famous for its hot air temperature, in some places it is also popular in the cold mountains. This is also the reason why many people want to visit the area.


This area , which is part of the Bandung province, has many industrial buildings in different ways. The company also helps the economy of the Indonesian state itself. To date, this area is also the center of the largest textile industry, and even the number of exports is quite large every year.


In addition, this area is also known as the national rice granary. Where about 30 percent of the total area of its agricultural land is used for rice cultivation. So it is not strange if this region is also used as a place to improve the Indonesian economy.   Even marine resources are quite good.


Interesting culture and unique art


The cultures that dominate the West Java  region are indeed Sundanese and Cirebon. For the Sund culture itself,  it is really developed in the area of the Pastundan landscape, at the level of Sundanese and priangan. As for the Cirebon culture in the  northern kawasan former residence. You need to know the uniqueness of culture .


The first is language. In this region, the most famous language is the Sundane, script or base. At least in this language it has several dialects, such as brebes, cirebon, banten and priangan. For the usual clothes of the region, the dream of the self can also be distinguished from what the social status of people is.


If you are a nobleman, then you wear a blackkebaya blu druoutfit with embroidery made of gold thread. In addition, it also uses kebat fabric, the motif of which is rereng.  Meanwhile, for the middle class itself, they wear clothes with white branches, complemented by a batik kebat yang used later.


Meanwhile, the lower class wears salon clothes equipped with stick sarongs, where they will be worn above the shoulders. Another culture you need to know is the traditional house.  In general, in the region  of  West Java itself, it is known as the traditional house, which is often named   as the imah panggung. The house itself is a rather long quadrilateral.


For the floor of your own house comes from palupuh.  This knitted bamboo mat becomes its wall or cubicle. For the skeleton of the house itself, it is made of wood, and the support is  known  as tatapakan, where it is made of stone as a tablecloth. Rumbia leaves are also used for the roof.


Visit fantastic travel destinations innature D


The area with the city of Bandung is really very popular for itsbeautiful underwater nature. There are even many exciting destinations in West Java that  tourists focus on because they are popularized through cyberspace. Not only that,  the cool air, because it is a mountainous region, is also liked by people.


In the area of West Java itself,  it  does not give you natural interesting destinations, but there are also many destinations to  visit. From the ordinary to the most unique. Thanks to this, tourists are obliged to visit this area in order to enjoy all the uniqueness in it.


The first is in Pangandarana, specifically in the Green Canyon. This tourist destination contains many natural beauties with very beautiful stalactic rocks. You can enjoy the towering cliffs equipped with the river below. In addition, you can also go to caves and interestingphotos. There are manyother activities that can be done.


In cibodas kebuk there is also a park of cherry blossoms. It is known that this flower develops in the country of 4 seasons. However, trees with pink flowers can grow in Indonesia. To enjoy the beauty of this flower, it comes  in January-February  or July-August.


In the Padelarang area of West Java,  you will find a hundred-point garden. This place is perfect to use as a fantastic photo spot.  Natural stones that come from the  former ancient lake are very exotic  in the morning or evening before dusk  . Do not forget about the white crater located in Bandung.


Specialties you need to try


Berbicara about the region, in addition to tourist attractions, must be incomplete if it is not accompanied by the presence of special foods. Indeed, one of the things that makes the area popular, except where wisatanya is a dish that is not found in other regions. Each region of pasalhas its own unique dish and is worth tasting.


In West Java, some foods are classified as healthy and are not found anywhere else. As well as a cardigan, which has a lot of nutritional content. This dish is made from vegetables as the main ingredient, which is served using peanut seasoning soup.   Da is also a typical peuyeum food that is commonly used as souvenirs.


The food is made of cassava with a taste reminiscent of tape. But in this peuyeum, the texture is also drier, since the way to make it is not the same. In addition,  retug oncom  rice, processed rice wrapped in banana leaves. Then it is burned with the help of seasoned oncom.


There are many things that make this  western Java wilayah have  a lot of uniqueness. So that not a few people want to visit, to just enjoy the culinary and tourist attractions. Therefore, if you really want to visit the area of West Java to enjoy its uniqueness, then read a lot of information first.

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