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3 ways to contact Tokopedia Call Center for consultation

3 ways to contact tokopedia call center in this digital era must be known when you become a Market Place user. A call center is simply defined as a service from Tokopedia for  customers  when   they need information, file complaints or seek help when they get a problem. This service in digital business is very important for encouraging good customer relationships.

Call Center is a like for presenting a business that faces consumers directly. This service is one of the important points that provides a sense of comfort to clients. Not only good response and communication, the media used in call center services demonstrate the company’s professionalism when providing the best service to consumers.

Tocopedia is among the largest markets in  Indonesia  , and is included in the category of unicorns that is still developing today. Of course,  this  large market is trying to provide the best possible service to customers, both sellers and buyers. If you need help information or filing a complaint, 3 ways to contact the Tocopedia Call Center.

How to contact Tokopedia Call Center that can be done

Below you can use the ways to connect Tokopedia call centers that can be tried.

  1. Use the Call Center

If you need a quick response, you can get the best choice of 3 ways to contact a tocopedia call center  by  contacting 02153691015 or 02180647333 directly. However, when using this method, customers need a supplier balance to do this. If you do not want to spend more money, we recommend that you use this medium when you find yourself in an important/uncertain situation.

  1. Using e-mail

If you are used  to using email, you can do so through this medium. The advantage of this method is that  you can file complaints both officially and not. This way it is easy to include the documents needed to amplify protests or requests for information.

The e-mail address for communication with customer service is Another advantage of this media is that the confidentiality of information when filing complaints or communication can be better maintained.

Obtaining customer service through social networks

When the problem is not too important, one of the 3 ways to contact tokopedia call center, we recommend that you choose other media that do not require costs. Among them through social networks, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Communication services through this social media can be used within a full 24 hours. Another convenience for those who are accustomed to using social media is simpler.

When using Twitter, the account you can  contact is @tokopedia or @tokopediacare. Meanwhile, if you contact using Tokopedia facebook, please open Fanspage @tokopedia with url when using Instagram, please @tokopedia account.

Communication with the service with social networks can be transmitted in several ways. First by conveying in the comment column or using a private message directly. For general information, we recommend that you use the comment field.

However, when discussing personal matters or transmitting fake reporters or those who need your personal information, we recommend that you use direct messages. It’s safer to keep you from getting problems from others.

When you communicate with social media, it doesn’t cost money. You only need data that works and uses social media. However, the downside of this medium, the answer is relatively slow compared to a telephone service. Because most  clients usually use this medium to communicate with Tocopedia.

Even when this is very much accumulated on social networks, there is a possibility that customer service will not read it. Therefore, this medium recommends that it be used to communicate or convey less important things. When you enter a location or app, you can focus on shopping or opening a stall.

Although you do not use these social media as one ofthe 3 ways to contact tokopedia call center, we recommend that you continue to follow it. Because Tokopedia transmits various latest information through their social networks. Whether it is guidance, promotions or other important information.

Communication with Tokopedia Call Center using the app

Below are some of the ways in which communication with Tokopedia call centers can be used using the application.

  1. Help Center

The second option of 3 ways to contact tokopedia call  center  using the application on the panel “help center”. Whether you use the application or the site, please select the contact panel. then some points will be displayed that you will  transfer  , please indicate the needs. Then pass on the information you want to solve.

  1. Tokopedia Tsare

You can communicate with customer service through the Tokopedia Care function. Tokopedia Care has a lot of information about this market place that buyers and sellers need. In addition to information, Tokopedia Care also provides articles as information about teaching and important advice to users.

You can access it by opening an account first. Then select the panel with settings – select Tokopedia Care. On this page, type keywords about the problem in the search bar. For more accurate information  , you will get the problem.

After that, type in the keywords of the problem you are facing. After this process, a troubleshooting guide will be displayed. when the problem was not felt by further customer service in  the Help Center functions.

  1. Invoices for transactions

Another method in this application can also be through invoices for the transactions you are currently  performing. Please open the list of transactions in the account – click on Shop. Select the transaction that the problem occurs. Then the details of the message are displayed, select the board.

  1. Live Chat

You can communicate via  a live chat service provided as a consultation room with the Tokopedia team. However, currently, the live chat service is limited only to sellers who have gold and Platinum memberships. To take advantage of this service, please go to the Toped Bot widget.

After that, you can open an account, navigate to the settings – navigate to Tokopedia care – pop-up chat shown – select it immediately on the chat panel – You can only write what you want  to consult. When you want to communicate with customer service, you can also include supporters such as screenshots. But before responding, Tocopedia usually sends a chatbot.

  1. Through the solution center.

With this service, you can consultdirectly with Tokopedia. Then they transfer the best solution for each buyer and seller. To do this, please open an account – this is a list of transactions – this is a purchase – Select the transaction that has encountered a problem – select the complaintpanel.

After that, the order complaints pop-up window will be displayed, click. then navigate to the problem and clearly state it. Reporter has not responded or the best solution has not been found for 3 days, please use the help feature. Here  you will   be directly greeted by the troubleshooting center administrator to help you solve the problem.

Ethics used for contact call centers

In 3 ways to contact tokopedia call center  in addition to technical means you need to pay attention to the process. I still kindly transfer it, even if the customer is king. Open the communication with a polite greeting, and then transmit it briefly, clearly, and not verbosely. Make sure that  the information you transmit is true and is not far-reaching.

If necessary, include substantiating evidence when filing a complaint to make it easier for them to respond. You have to wait patiently for an answer, because there are many customers who can experience the same problem as you. This will respond well.

In addition, before filing complaints, asking questions and the like, make sure that you have tried to understand the rules regarding transactions on Tocopedia. Do not let yourself ask  3  ways to contact tocopedia call  center  from problems that are clearly transmitted in the information center.

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