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The Latest West Java Online Baaskiilka Guide Payment Payment 2021

Bayar online scooter tax western Java and all the provinces in Indonesia today bself made online or online without face-to-face. This could happen because there is already a Samsat website online that allows it to be  paid in quick fees. It just isn’t it’s quick because it’s easy and effective.

However, access is not being distributed equally. There are already sourced sites that have not been provided. But in the 4.0th term, we believe that everything will be processed quickly in the process, so that people will not come to Samsat’s office again to make regular tax payments. The burden of time and cost can be reduced.

For the process of doingnyes it should start download of the SON application or Samsat Online Nasional. You  can then make payments online using the process. In this way, people can save more time and expenses , especially in times of a pandemic like today.

This development definitely makes it easier for those of you who don’t want to lose their truck-driving to formal driving. Indonesia or any country. Driving without papers will be done with tickets, for the requirements will be violated. The motorcyclist also does not comply with taxes, thus making it a fraud without an official letter.

Jifrom until caught during the attack, pemilik had to break intoa motor or vehiclenya diderek to the nearest office. To take care of them again, you’re definitely being charged a lot of fines, if you don’t pay taxes. The owner also has to offer a re-order for replays so that it is certainly expensive. So apply the online java java motorcycle tax payment method.

Download National ama Gobolka Codsiga Samsat Online

First of all, the guide to do is to download the app or download it. This request must be from the right sources. Then the time to enter the prayer shop or appstore. Enter the right keywords so you don’t get it wrong. To make things easier, check with the certification of the users. Use at least 4 values on the application.

Click on install and then the entire launch process will be completed by self-specific. Apply on android and iOS tanpa requiring installation. Jadi no need to worry anymore in case you can’t install unfamiliar applications. However, ifthis happens, coba enter the menu of specific settings that set it up.

Wait until the installation is complete so you can pay taxes for an online motorcycle in West Java, Central Java, and all parts of Indonesia. If an error occurs in the installation, try to delete it first. Then install it again so that it can go back to use. It usually doesn’t happen that the corrupt file on the installation of the system is not a matter of accuracy.

Don’t worry about  size nya not too big. anyaa small MB just because it looks very simple. The point of this simple feature is that no new users get confused. For available menus there are registrations, pay code, payment, payment proof, ransom info, where, guide, and exit the system for sure.

National and Regional Registration System Online Samsat

This registration process is almost identical to other online methods. In fact, it should be that way because the process of paying the online scooter tax in West Java and all of Indonesiais carried out online. The initial p flowershould be listed on the self-registration list. Complete all personal data, yesng required according to the correct data.

Starting with police number, ID card numbers, structure numbers, personal personal numbers and email of course. In the moment email becomes important to provide.  You’re from google, yahoo, rocket, Bing, and so on. However, for the most important option is google because it is easy for it.  his flowering as soon as possible makes it easier and actually makes it easier.

Then press the next button. Then there will be a display of registrars’ data and payroll numbers. The code can be used to pay. Bself made online through multiple options. Banks are the most important, especially at ATMs. It isrecommended to go through a soft spot if you don’t want to get in a long line.

However, there is a better option by using mobile banking. Mobile banking is operatedthrough mobile phones only. Bregrets a click and click everything is done. Additionally, internet banking can also be used to pay scooter taxes online in Westada Java.

Unfortunately most of the time it is often restricted most of the time you pay code codes. Especially with the payment number at this point, it lasts longer. It even reaches hours so it still has time to do it on a caami. Complete the payout to access the next system. Free to choose their approach while you fit.

 Approval Criteria for Your Motorcycle STNK

After paying taxes online for motorcycles west Java you can use the get in the proof of providing proof of proof as proof of payment. However, don’t go to Samsat’s office without them being led away with anything. Also bring the requirements for approval of the motor stntoresolve the tax p r o ses are resolved quickly. So what are you bringing?

  1. Attach an active identity card

Nowadays, all ID cards are active. As long as you use e-KTP, surely everything is safe.  So do those of you who don’t have it yet. Hurry up and office in the sub-district offices below because this method is also fasting.


  1. Taking the original stnk

It’s clear as evidence to pay scooter taxes online in java west.  Bring the scent as evidence to take care of everything. It is not allowed to cause photocopy because it will be reversed for processing. The old ribbons were reversed so that the tik could be used in criminal matters.


  1. Early TBKPB exposure

The proof of payment of the prior year’s delivery obligations should also be provided. This is to ensure the owner is smooth in paying taxes. If it’s not okay, they’re of course fined.  The fine depends on how much the tax is being paid.


  1. Powers of attorney when faced

If you request an agent to submit the terms of approval. A lawyer’s power is needed and full of the official scarf. The unitis the process of handling official correspondence. All need attorney power if they are represented.

Claim touse an online system. In the end, you still have to go samsat, right? Of the funds already paid, it is just that the application process still needs to be publicly paid by Samsat.


If the process of paying the motorcycle tax on the online subscription to West Java, Central Java, and allof Indonesia was done. You also meet the criteria for resistance.   Just go straight to the nearest Samsat office. Just hand over everything to an administration to continue dealing with it.

For the way, it’s enough to enter a separate counter with all the data in it. In that case, the administrative officer will contribute all the information. The data that is checked is exactlywhat it will be. If the registration numbers and the police are crossed. The task was declared successful and submissions only remained.

You just need to wait in view of the queue. Then the scent is ready to be driven home. If you make a swap on your plate, wait for the official how to do it. She’s usually just told to wait a few minutes. Then the process of making the plate is awaited while the work is pending. The plate is ready to be taken home and attached to the scooter.

Another advantage available is the fast process. In addition, riSiko pungli is gone because all the activities have been done online. SIstem continues and keeps checking. So there is no reason not to use the online motorcycle tax payment method in  West Java and all of Indonesia.

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